Tooth Extraction/Removal

Tooth Extraction/Removal: Post-Operative Instructions

After extraction of a tooth, you want to form a solid blood clot to allow for the area to heal.  So,  care should be taken not to disrupt the clot.  You do not want to place undo pressure, trauma, and use substances that will prolong the healing process.  Pain and swelling should improve after three days. 

  • Bite on the gauze for 20-30 minutes to apply pressure to the area. It is normal to have oozing of blood from the area that will turn your saliva pink.  But if thick, deep red bleeding persists, fold another gauze as tight as possible and bite on it for another 20-30 minutes.  Do this up to two more times.  If bleeding continues, call the office.
  • No Smoking or tobacco products
  • Ice -apply 20 minutes on 20 minutes off, to help decrease swelling.  Be careful not to freeze your face.
  • No Alcohol
  • No Straws
  • No Sodas or carbonated drinks
  • No spitting
  • No rinsing or gargling let the water spill out of your mouth without any force.   Next day you can begin gentle rinsing.
  • No brushing or flossing the area for a few days
  • Soft foods-nothing hard or sharp(pretzels, popcorn etc.)
  • No physical activity(heavy lifting, exercise, etc)
  • Avoid hot foods for 2-4 hours until the numbness wears off
  • Take medications as directed (pain medications, antibiotics)

Call the Office

If thick, deep red bleeding persists for more than 2 hours.

If pain and/or swelling persists longer than 3 days.

If pain medication is not alleviating the pain.

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